Lessons Learned

Lost in Time and Space is a cautionary tale. A lesson in doing your research properly.

I set this site up, only to discover almost immediately that someone else had already started a YouTube channel with the exact same name a few months earlier (I don’t really watch vlogs, so had failed to notice).

The content we would have been covering was too similar to go ahead using the same name, so I stopped. It also knocked the wind out of my sails, meaning I’ve still not got round to re-launching with a new name elsewhere. I’ll update this page when I do.

In the meantime, he’s Cathulhu! – availbe of a T-shirt from Tee Turtle if you like it.


The Journey Begins


Welcome to Lost in Time and Space, a Fistful of Meeples blog, dedicated to all things Cthulhu in the world of Table-Top gaming.

Keep checking back for an ever-growing selection of content: Reviews of Mythos-themed games, in-depth discussions, play-throughs, deck-lists, and wider reflections.


Expect a fair amount of content focused on Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror Series, but there will also be plenty of looks at the wider gaming scene, and how Cthulhu has been brought to your table-top.